Future-proof GPS
Asset tracking

Deliver efficiency and uncompromised security of assets
even if taken to most remote locations. Streamline manual
operations. Make data-driven decisions.


HD Tracking – as accurate as it gets

Real-time tracking meets 5G for the unapologetically accurate track. Provide coordinates, speeds, directions with the highest precision and don’t let remote areas or concrete jungle stop you from pinning the exact location.

Real-time Telemetry Data

Seconds matter when it comes to high-value assets. Empower clients with profound realtime visibility: Location, Battery life, Engine hours, Conditions (temperature, humidity), Statuses, OBD2 and CAN, Container doors: opening / closing, Odometer

Geofencing and POI

Protect cargo and equipment from unauthorized use or theft by sheltering them with virtual fencing. Deliver automatic notifications when the asset leaves the perimeter. Help clients respond faster and recover misused assets.